Municipal enterprise "Volodymyr territorial medical association" of the Volodymyr City Councsl

Volodymyrske TMA is a multidisciplinary institution providing emergency, scheduled inpatient and outpatient counselling services to the population

    The medical facility has a full range of services, including an emergency department, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, a neurology department with a stroke unit, a modern operating room (project cost over UAH 25 million), and an anaesthesiology and intensive care unit. Inpatient care is provided on 520 beds in 16 departments
    We have 136 doctors in our team, including doctors from different parts of Ukraine and internally displaced persons.
    Thanks to the work of the obstetric and gynaecological department, about 500 children are born every year
    2500 servicemen treated in renovated inpatient rehabilitation unit




    The project has investment attractiveness
    Own land plot worth over UAH 120 million

It will provide services for injuries to the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. There will be physical and rehabilitation rooms, physiotherapy equipment rooms, hydrotherapy and, of course, group and individual psychological assistance.


Poltava region's priorities include:

Exchange of knowledge and experience - cooperation with international medical institutions, participation in international conferences and forums

✓ Professional development of specialists - international internships and training, invitation of foreign experts

✓ Implementation of advanced technologies - joint research projects, purchase of modern equipment

✓ Financial support and grants - attracting international grants, cooperation with international organisations

✓ Joint clinical trials, expanding the international network of contacts

✓ Quality and standards assurance

✓ Promoting innovation and expertise


The rehabilitation centre in Volodymyr is a promising project aimed at providing high-quality medical and rehabilitation services. In today's Ukraine, given the social and economic realities, this project has significant investment appeal.

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    Ensuring social stability

Rehabilitation of veterans and military personnel is critical for ensuring social stability and maintaining public health, which increases support from the state, NGOs and the population

  • Covering the significant deficit of services in the region

There is a significant demand for long-term rehabilitation services in Volodymyrskyi district, given the location of military units in the city. The nearest rehabilitation centre is located 120 km away, which creates a significant shortage of services in the region.

  • High level of competitiveness

The use of advanced technologies and modern robotic equipment will ensure a high level of competitiveness of the centre and its attractiveness to patients.


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Together for the health and well-being of the residents of Volodymyr-Volynskyi and Tsvikau

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Volodymyr-Volyn City Council under the NAKOPA programme. Under the project, the hospital purchased a new ultrasound machine with elastography worth $90,000.00.

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The right actions at the right time

The project ‘Right Action at the Right Time’ was implemented in cooperation with the city of Zwickau (Federal Republic of Germany). The grant funds were used to purchase an ambulance worth EUR 49450.00.

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Joint development of rehabilitation services

Currently, the Volodymyr TMA is implementing the project ‘Joint development of rehabilitation services in hospitals in Volodymyr and Bialystok’. The total cost of the project is EUR 2318206.35. The project envisages the exchange of experience of hospital specialists, joint training and the purchase of rehabilitation equipment worth more than EUR 1 million.


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    Development Plan of the Municipal Enterprise ‘Volodymyr Territorial Medical Association’ for 2023-2025

To reduce the level of morbidity, disability and mortality by forming and establishing an effective system of providing affordable and high-quality specialised care to the population, achieving the highest possible level of health of the region's residents, regardless of their age, gender, social status, and promoting and protecting the health of residents throughout their lives.


olodymyr territorial medical association

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