Exhibitor Stand Country Company Specification
3D Metal Tech E-12 Ukraine 3D printing of metal products
3Dees Industries s.r.o. A-4 Czech Republic 3D printing and scunning
4MedBox Europe BV, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Making a safe, feasible and affordable healthcare system available that develops in cooperation for and with citizens and science, whereby control over personal and genetic biomedical data is returned to the citizen
AddLife C-2 Sweden AddLife is a Swedish Life Science company that owns and acquires companies in niche segments with offerings aimed at the healthcare sector.
ADF: Ukraine Recovery Project Assistance Office A-1 Ukraine ADF: Ukraine Recovery Project Assistance Office приватна організація, що спеціалізується на залученні фінансування до проектів відродження України.
Ми працюємо з проектами державного та приватних секторів. 
Aether Biomedical  B-6 Poland A manufacturer of bionic prostheses, developing a digital platform to support them and power systems.
Algeco Polska sp. z o.o. D-10 Poland Algeco is a market-leading supplier of modular buildings, offering fast and flexible solutions, from fully equipped accommodation units to healthcare facilities, offices, and much more. We offer advice on project management and compliance, as well as a full interior and exterior turnkey service (Service 360).
Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. CO., LTD E-6 China Manufacturer of: lung ventilation units, units for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, external defibrilators,  infusio systems etc.
Arjo Poland C-9 Sweden Leading company with products and solutions for patient transfers, hygiene, disinfection, prevention of pressure injuries and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) and for diagnostics. Company also offers medical beds and various services, such as training in connection with product sales.
Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices / AVDZP A-3 Czech Republic Association
Atradius Dutch State Business NV, Government Association A-6 The Netherlands Atradius Dutch State Business offers a range of insurance and guarantee products to minimise the risk of non-payments for exporters of capital goods, internationally operating construction companies, banks and investors.
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber A-8 Austria Federal Economic Chamber
Awear Healthcare BV A-6 The Netherlands Aware Healthcare is the first network of therapists who use treatment based on science and data shared by patients to deliver truly personalized mental health care
Axel Medical E-9 Ukraine Supply of rehabilitation, resuscitation and operating equipment in Ukraine
Azaris Group B-8 Ukraine Supply of medical equipment for hospitals. Distribution of medical consumables. Design solutions for medical institutions. Maintenance of medical equipment by certified engineers. Medical technology, design and reconstruction of hospitals
Benelux Imaging, Parents Company A-6 The Netherlands Supplier of used medical imaging equipment such as MRI, CT, Cath lab, X-ray and Ultrasound.  Provider of interim solutions, trailers and modular buildings MRI and CT.
Best Ortho B-14 Ukraine Manufacturer of upper and lower limb prostheses, orthoses for upper and lower limbs, distributor of components for prostheses and orthoses
Biomedical Engineering D-8 Slovak Republic Medical devices by additive manufacturing
Biomedisyst C-4 France Diagnostic equipments 
Biomerieux C-11 France Diagnostic equipments 
bioMérieux, Poland E-5 Poland Services for Augmented Diagnostics
Blanidas, LLC D-1 Ukraine Blanidas LLC is a leader in the production of professional detergents and disinfectants, an expert in the implementation of professional medical cleaning in healthcare facilities. We help to create medical service departments - from basic equipment calculation to practical training.
BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. A-3 Czech Republic We develop, produce and deliver a wide range of steam, hot air and chemical sterilizers, laboratory drying ovens and incubators and stainless steel furniture.
BOWA Medical D-6 Germany BOWA MEDICAL is a leading full-range supplier of innovative energy-based surgical systems made in Germany. Our products and systems are perfectly adapted to the requirements of day-to-day medical care in hospitals and impress with their high degree of flexibility and safety.  Our mission is to make electrosurgery easier and more efficient.
Brightfield Ukraine C-15 Ukraine Developer and manufacturer of modern high-quality equipment for disinfection and sterilisation under its own brand SterixX.
BTL Industries Ltd. A-4 Czech Republic Rehabilitation devices
Business France C-4 France Supporting the international development  of the French economy. Business France is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location.
Business Sweden C-2 Sweden Organization jointly owned by the State and business sector that supports and promotes Swedish exports and investments in Sweden
Cambio C-2 Sweden Cambio Healthcare Systems is one of Scandinavia`s leading suppliers of healthcare information systems and a growing player in the European market with just over 170,000 users across general and university hospitals, specialist units and outpatient units. Through the use of our integrated solutions, our customers provide services to 4 million patients.
Carl Reiner GmbH A-8 Austria Medical equipment
CEVA Logistics  C-4 France CEVA Logistics is a world leader in third-party logistics, part of the CMA CGM Group, providing global supply
chain solutions to connect people, products and providers all around the world. Headquartered in Marseille,
France, CEVA Logistics offers a broad range of end-to-end, customized solutions in contract logistics and air, ocean, ground and finished vehicle transport in 170 countries worldwide. 
Chemosvit Fibrochem, s.r.o.  D-8 Slovak Republic Manufacturer of antibacterial underwear, socks, hosiery, seamless sports garments, leisure wear, knitwear, warp-knitting, woven fabrics form formal wear, and medical clothing, bed covers
Chirastar KDT, s.r.o. A-4 Czech Republic Professional medical furniture
CJP MediBio GmBH B-4 Germany Providing AR and PRRC services according to MDR and IVDR certification for Korean companies exporting medical devices to EU countries
Click Medical  С-13 USA Prosthesis manufacturer
Codaco Electronic s r.o A-3 / A-4 Czech Republic Development of IP- communication systems, IP-sygnalling systems - they are used in hospitals and other health care facilities
Comedeq s.r.o. A-3 Czech Republic The Comedeq’s main focus lies in primary care and the supply of specialised workplaces and medical practices (surgery, gynaecology, dermatology, dentistry, cardiology or emergency reception or ICU)
Coolfinity Medical BV, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands The innovative cooling system which prevents deadly diseases & reduces costly vaccine waste
DAE MYUNG Chemical Co. Ltd. B-4 Republic of Korea DAE MYUNG Chemical is a Korean manufacturer of breathable film for hygiene purpose over 30 years in Korea. We established a manufacturing factory in Vietnam in 2005. At there we produced Healthcare products for Hospital, Isolation gown and etc.
Debet Plus. Klymenko Group B-12 Ukraine Financial services
Dessintey C-4 France Dessintey develops and markets intensive rehabilitation technologies to accelerate recovery and ensure
 greater patient quality of life. Our mission is to assist patients throughout their healing and rehabilitation journey. Our technological solutions aim at increasing and diversifying their daily therapy program, and provide large inclusion criteria, including amputees who suffer phantom pain.
Detectair Technologies D-8 Slovak Republic Detectair.sk is an innovative company providing disinfection services. Our goal is to protect health and reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria in various types of premises, such as homes, medical facilities, offices, shops, public places, etc. We use a patented dry aerosol mist technology that is effective against a wide range of pathogens, including COVID-19 and influenza. Our services are environmentally friendly and safe for the environment without damaging sensitive equipment and technology. We also offer comprehensive solutions for the home, including regular disinfection and disinfectants. For more information, please visit our website at www.detectair.sk.
Doctor Eleks, LTD B-10 Ukraine Medical information system,
customisable to the individual needs of the clinic
DRGEM Corporation  B-2 Republic of Korea Manufacturer of diagnostic equipment
DRTECH Europe GmbH B-4 Germany  The only company in the world that provides direct and indirect detectors for all medical applications, We continue to grow based on differentiated technology and competitiveness. Rather than a simple detector or system, the detector-system-SW are connected into one platform. We provide a complete diagnostic imaging solution with the optimal combination.
Echopen Factory C-4 France Diagnostic equipments 
EKN C-2 Sweden EKN, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, is an authority with the government`s mission to promote Swedish exports and the internationalization of Swedish companies, by insuring companies and banks against the risk of not getting paid..
EKOM D-8 Slovak Republic We specialize in the development, manufacture and sale of devices for the supply of compressed air to various fields of application. We draw on many years of experience and tradition of development and production of medical equipment, the foundation of which dates back to the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. Our products are characterized by high reliability, unprecedentedly quiet operation and long service life, thanks to which they can be used even in the most demanding applications.
EGZOTech B-3 Poland EGZOTech is an award-winning inventor and manufacturer of advanced rehabilitation devices. Our mission is to empower clinicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists helping their patients to regain physical health through superior automated, robotic solutions dedicated for rehabilitation in: neurology, orthopedics, urology, oncology, being especially effective with post-trauma treatment procedures.
Elekta C-2 Sweden Leading innovator of precision radiation therapy solutions
Ellipse Projects C-4 France Infrastructure 
Elof Hansson International C-2 Sweden  
Enablement Foundation A-6 The Netherlands Enablement is specialised in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Disability Inclusive Development (DID). Capacity development, research and innovation are at the heart of our work. We are a company that runs on a not-for-profit basis.
ENCO D-8 Slovak Republic ECNO is a mechanical engineering, metalworking company with focus on custom manufacturing, production of building elements for clean rooms (used in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries and in operating rooms), we also produce building, fire proof and X-RAY proof doors.
Essity C-2 Poland Leading global hygiene and health company
Europe Enterprise Agency  A-6 The Netherlands Agency
Fillauer C-2 Sweden Global leader in orthotic and prosthetic innovation
Fleischhacker GmbH & Co. KG A-9 Germany Over the years, Fleischhacker became one of the largest suppliers for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and bank-financed aid projects in the area of medical and laboratory equipment. We work with almost all UN organisations, the Red Cross and many other institutions, through long-term agreements or system-contracts. 
Forever Sustainable   Sweden Forever Sustanability delivers consulting and advisory within sustinalbility to enble companies and organisation to transform greener!
Furbify   D-8 Slovak Republic IT-Med
Galvex spol. s.r.o. D-8 Slovak Republic Pharmaceutical company GALVEX belongs to the well - known producer of non-sterile medicines in Slovakia. GALVEX sells own products but offers free production capacity for contract manufacturing too. Filling, labeling and packaging. Tablets – suppositories - topical preparations (ointments, creams, pastes and suspensions)- non - sterile solutions and drops – raw materials for pharmacies.
Gastroservis D-8 Slovak Republic Professional equipment for kitchens and food units
Ginger C-11 France Hospital design & management, training, Public health
Go Assistive Technology D-5 The United Kingdom At GO, we believe that limb differences should not prevent anyone from fulfilling their aspirations, regardless of their location and resources. In collaboration with users, clinicians, and manufacturers, we are establishing a new global standard of comprehensive prosthetic solutions beyond just hardware, focusing on affordability, functionality, durability, and easiness to fit, use and repair.
H&W Optima D-8 Slovak Republic In hospital premises, both staff and the environment present risks for patient health through nosocomial infections. Current technologies fall short in preventing pathogen transmission, highlighting the necessity for enhanced disinfection of surfaces and air purification.
With the support of H&W Optima and Hydrofogg technology, we can implement innovative solutions that significantly enhance environmental protection and improve patient and staff safety in hospitals.
Health Cluster Berlin Brandenburg  D-4 Germany Healthcare Industries Cluster
Health Design, LLC D-7 Ukraine Design and manufacturing of rehabilitation equipment - exo-machines 
Herb-Pharma Corporation D-8 Slovak Republic Our aspiration is to make products from sustainable, natural sources, and with the help of science obtain the best results and effects that these substances can offer. Through our vision of human health based on natural, biotechnology products, we are constantly learning and exploring new ingredients and methods of use. At Herb-Pharma, the owner and producer of the Fytofontana brands, innovation is everywhere, creating a new paradigm for the biotechnology industry.
HMS Vilgo C-4 France Therapeutic equipments 
Hospitainer BV   The Netherlands Emergency medicine. Our solutions are tailored to provide inpatient and outpatient care within different medical focus areas. Our medical containers can be furnished for a wide variety of medical purposes. Our solutions are mobile or semi-permanent to fit different geographical contexts and can be expanded up to 50-bed hospitals.
InterHealth Canada C-1 Poland InterHealth Canada is a world leader in healthcare management and operations with a diverse portfolio of planning, management and consulting activities. We deliver costeffective, tailormade, culturally sensitive solutions that meet international quality standards in both public and private sector environments. We operate hospitals in public-private partnerships formula located in Caribbean Island, Central Europe and Middle East.
InterMetro Industries B.V E-10 The Netherlands Manufacturer of medical carts, crash carts, medical storage, utility carts, shelving racks and carts, etc.
Intex-Med D-3 Ukraine Disinfection production
Invent Medical Group, s.r.o.  C-13 Czech Republic Company are developing the world's most advanced 3D printed O&P products
Isolit- Bravo spol. s r.o. A-4 Czech Republic Rubber and plastic products
Janz Corporation A-5 USA Janz Corporation is a global healthcare provider of medical equipment, IT services and pharmaceuticals. JANZ provides a wide range of medical equipment and supplies to U.S Government healthcare facilities and clinics. This can include everything from basic home medical supplies for the active U.S. Military on bases, to specialized equipment to the VA for monitoring, imaging or surgical procedures.
JL International GmbH B-4 Germany JL International GmbH represents various Korean products such as patient monitoring system, Physiotherapy device and WALKBOT in Rehabilitation.
JMP Medical   Poland  JMP Medical is a leading manufacturer of advanced mobile and relocatable medical units for diagnostic imaging, with a global presence and certifications from renowned companies such as Siemens Healthineers, Philips Healthcare, and Canon Medical. Headquartered in Poland, JMP Medical is expanding its international operations with branches in the UK and the Netherlands. Through a comprehensive approach to projects, leveraging its own technical design and production departments, and company tailor-made solutions to individual customer needs. JMP Medical is changing the way mobile healthcare services are delivered, focusing on accessibility and comfort for patients and staff. Pioneer in the revolution of mobile medical units, JMP Medical shapes the future of healthcare.
Joinenterprise co. ltd. B-4 Republic of Korea Join Enterprises Co., Ltd started the manufacturing of the medical splints, which is a treatment material of external fixation of the orthopedics from the year of 1999 with a motto of communication, innovation, implementation and achievement, and is leading the world market of the treatment material of external fixation of the orthopedics.
Klimex Medical Ltd. B-1 Hungary Developer and manufacturer of:nurse calling system., KLX bed head units, pneumatic tube post systems for hospitals and health care institutions.
L I N E T spol. s r.o. A-3 Czech Republic Manufacturer of medical furniture and related products: mattresses, support systems, accessories.
LIW Care Technology Sp. z o.o. A-11 Poland
We design, manufacture and market innovative medical products of the highest quality, truly supporting rehabilitation of the disabled.
We are dedicated to the manufacturing of seating systems and standing frames. 
Lokman Hekim Engurusag A-7 Türkiye Lokman Hekim Health Group, founded in 1996, provides global health services through 5 hospitals, 1 medical center, and a university in Ankara, 1 hospital in Istanbul, 2 hospitals in Van, and a Diagnosis and Screening Center in Erbil. With a quarter-century of experience, advanced facilities, and a strong academic staff, it aims to ensure a healthier future.
Lumibird Medical Polska Sp. z o.o. C-3 Poland
Innovative technologies from diagnosis to treatment
Mebster A-4 Czech Republic Professional products for rehabilitation
Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o. D-12 Poland Meden-Inmed is a company that produces and distributes professional medical equipment for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, neurology and other fields.
Medicover C-5 Sweden Leading international healthcare and diagnostic service provider
Medrehab D-14 Ukraine integrated equipping  for medical rehabilitation centres and institutions
Medtech Magazine
Life Science Sweden
C-2 Sweden Medtech Magazine
MEDUX, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Multi-platform solutions for telecom operators, regulators and enterprises to test, benchmark and monitor next generation networks
MEIKO Clean Solutions Austria GmbH A-8 Austria Equipment for medical institutions (water supply and drainage)
MEMO BV, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Measuring tools and padlocks. Especially in measuring. Especially in closing. In short, it is what we have been focusing on for years
Miamed Ltd E-7 Ukraine Professional medical equipment: electrosurgical equipment
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic  D-8 Slovak Republic Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic A-4 Czech Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade
MSE C-4 France Laboratory equipments 
MZ Liberec a.s.  A-3 Czech Republic An integral part of the manufacturing programme are end units of the distribution systems such as Bed Head Units, Medical beams, Ceiling Pendants and other health care devices, which are used for equipping operating rooms, intensive care units, anaesthesiology and resuscitation departments and standard inpatient wards throughout the world. The company also secures supplies and assembling of the sources of medical gases, e.g. oxygen generator, compressor, vacuum, reducing and evaporation station
Naturepharm S.R.O. - Avropa Biotechnology D-8 Slovak Republic The company NaturePharm with its brand Avropa Biotechnology is a Slovak manufacturer/contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals. We have been partner of many state companies and ministries. NaturePharm is modern company with long term tradition in area of herbal processing, drug technology and in pharmacy. We specialize in research, development, production and distribution of nutraceuticals.
Netherlands Enterprise Agency  A-6 The Netherlands Agency
Nexer C-2 Sweden Nexer is a global tech company with strong roots in the Swedish heritage of entrepreneurship and innovation. 
Nordiske Medier C-2 Sweden  
Norma-Trade, LLC C-8 Ukraine Supplier of rehabilitation equipment
Ny Teknik   Sweden Swedish leading Technical magazine
OneMed C-2 Sweden Healthcare service provider, offering distribution, consulting, and product development services to manufacturers of healthcare technologies
OR Technology (Oehm und Rehbein GmbH) E-3 Germany X-ray, imaging and system solutions X-ray, for medicine and industry
OR-CZ spol. s r.o. A-4 Czech Republic IT solutions for B2B and the public sector. Already 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and more than 120 installations of MARIE PACS solutions in the Czech Republic rank OR-CZ among the leading providers of IT systems for digitizing healthcare operations. By focusing on the exchange of medical documentation and the integration of information systems or the constant innovation and optimization of our products, we try to help healthcare professionals improve healthcare and diagnostic processes.
Orthoped, LLC D-9 Ukraine Manufacturing and supply of:
spinal orthoses, upper and lower limb orthoses, upper and lower limb prostheses, orthopaedic footwear, personal care and protection aids.
Östkontoret C-2 Sweden An association of mainly large Swedish companies aiming at increasing the impact of Swedish business in Ukraine through cooperation between members and with the public sector
OTOM Co. Ltd. B-4 Republic of Korea OTOM Co. Ltd is a Korean manufacturer who is dedicated to portable X-rays. It's MINE 2 and MINE ALNU are designed to be used at outdoor environment.
PANOK E-8 Ukraine Manufacturer of medical furniture
Parabel s.r.o.  A-4 Czech Republic Production of medical devices for use in rehabilitation. The Lokohelp is fully equipped for using locomotion therapy with the help of dynamic lightening of the patient’s weight. LokoBasic – suspension system for relieving the patient. 
Philips, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Professional Healthcare products
Physiotechnik Schaffarik GmbH A-8 Austria Rehabilitation
Poloplast GmbH & Co KG A-8 Austria Equipment for medical institutions (water supply and drainage)
Polytech & Net GmbH B-4 Germany Polytech & Net GmbH is an authorized German representative of Incheon City, Gwangju Technopark and Korean Startups & SMEs Corp. We have dedicated consulting and trading between Korea and European industry in various field inclusive healthcare field.
Profil Nabytek, A.S. A-3 Czech Republic Professional medical furniture
ProSpon spol. s r.o. A-4 Czech Republic Основними напрямками діяльності компанії ProSpon є розробка, виробництво, а також дистрибуція ортопедичних і травматологічних імплантатів, інструментів та інших медичних виробів.
Protheflex System B-5 Republic of Slovenia
We are selling Protheflex resin - flexible polyurethane resin for making flexible sockets and teaching prosthetists how to work with protheflex materials.  
PsyGlobal, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands PsyGlobal connects non-native Mental Health Professionals to Dutch organisations, resulting in non-native (and often displaced) clients in need of mental health care getting help from professionals with the same language and cultural background
Psylaris, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Innovative mental health care applications for you as a therapist.Each solution is based on evidence-based techniques and has been developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists and mental health organizations and thoroughly tested with end users
Q-bital Healthcare Solutions A-6 The Netherlands Design and equipment of special medical boxes, operating rooms, manipulation rooms for hospitals and other medical institutions
Redelius Production C-2 Sweden  
ResearchManager A-6 The Netherlands With our Clinical Research Suite we provide a modern and scalable SAAS infrastructure to digitize and accelerate clinical research in accordance to local (EU) rules and regulations. 
Saphenus Medical Technology GmbH A-8 Austria Prosthetics
Schiller Poland sp.z.o.o. E-1 Poland SCHILLER Poland represents Swiss company SCHILLER AG – one of the world’s leaders in the development, production and distribution of medical devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, patient monitoring and emergency medicine
Schmutterer & Partner Information Technology GmbH A-8 Austria IT and management systems for medical institutions
Schrack Seconet AG A-8 Austria Medical IT solutions
Sigma Software Group C-2 Sweden Sigma Software Group, an award-winning IT partner for 22 years, serves 150+ clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With 2,100 professionals in 40 offices across 19 countries, the company develops tailored solutions. Offering 25 products and 40+ services, Sigma Software has been listed in IAOP's World's Top 100 Outsourcing since 2015 and featured in Forbes, CNBC, The Times, and Reuters.
Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency  (SARIO) D-8 Slovak Republic Trade and development agency
SMS  E-4 Poland SMS is a respected Polish manufacturer with nearly 80 years of expertise in providing complete solutions for infection control in hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities and laboratories, worldwide. We offer easy to use and durable washing, disinfecting and sterilizing machines, along with management software and other CSSD equipment. Our portfolio also has a dedicated line of laboratory sterilizers.
Socialstyrelsen C-2 Sweden  
Spectator Healthcare Technology, Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Spectator Healthcare Technology is part of the Spectator Group of Companies, with more than 15 years of experience in the development and worldwide commercialisation of cutting-edge video control and service centre technology, for a wide variety of applications in Security, Healthcare and Communication
Specter Healthcare Intelligence Ukraine A-2 Ukraine Represents state-of-the-art technologies: ZAP-X Radiosurgery, without a bunker and cobalt Dose booster for 20Gy ALBA Hyperthermia LinearBeam ERHA LinaTech proton therapy system. VenusX linear accelerators Aurora MRI linear accelerator. MagnetTX OneScreen - chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition
Star for Life Ukraine C-2 Ukraine Star for Life Ukraine is a dynamic non-profit organization established in 2022, dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth across Ukraine, including regions near the frontline of the ongoing war. 
steptics GmbH D-2 Germany Company develops and manufactures foot prostheses of the highest quality and at affordable prices
Swecare C-7 Sweden Swecare is a largest membership organization and a platform for key players within Swedish health care
Task Force Health Care   Agency A-6 The Netherlands Task Force Health Care operates the public-private Platform Health Care Recovery Ukraine. This platform brings together organizations and companies in the Ukrainian and Dutch LSH sectors with the goal of assisting Ukraine in countering some of the reverse impacts of the war on the healthcare system. 
Tekle Holographics Parent Company A-6 The Netherlands Since the dawn of mankind, images have played important roles in communication and collaboration. We went from 2D to 3D, with technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Now we can make the final step: holographics with real immersive display of any 3D data in full 3D
Thaumatec Nederland BV A-6 The Netherlands Over the years we further specialized in building Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for our customers.
The Spinalis Foundation C-2 Sweden The Spinalis Foundation is a charitable foundation which was founded in 1989 with the mission to promote research and develop treatments for people with SCI. In Sweden we are a proactive force within SCI rehabilitation. Our medical research projects are closely linked to the Karolinska Institute. Funding is raised from several sources, companies, individuals as well as from other foundations.
Toutenkamion Group C-11 France Mobile Healthcare Solutions
Training & Consulting D-8 Slovak Republic Training & Consulting, s.r.o.is an.expert in plant-based supplements and cosmetics. We develop, produce and trade high-quality products derived from medicinal plants. We also offer education and consulting in extraction systems.
TSE spol. s r.o. A-3 Czech Republic Our company boasts about more than 50 years of tradition in electronic parts  manufacturing. Because of that, our own development and production, qualified staff and the established quality system we guarantee the high quality of our products. This is acknowledged by our customers worldwide.
Unicom Sluk spol. s.r.o.  D-8 Slovak Republic Manufacturig of mobile desinfection units
University of Twente A-6 The Netherlands At the University of Twente, we are pioneers in fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. Our driving force as students, scientists and educators is a deep sense of connection with people who share a curious, entrepreneurial spirit
UTAS Technologies s.r.o. C-6 Slovak Republic UTAS Technologies was established in 1915 to implement innovation projects in the electro-medical technologies field. We design, produce, and maintain expert-class lung ventilators, patient monitors, central monitoring stations, ECGs, and telemetry systems for clinical centres worldwide. Company designes, manyfactures and supplies expert-class monitors, ICU ventilators, ECGs and telemetry systems. We are dedicated to offeing not just devices but complete solutions to meet your needs
VarioShield B.V. A-13 The Netherlands VarioShield provides you with all you need to fit radiation-proof rooms. We also happily give you advice and construction guidance. So you can be sure that the radiation-proof rooms are truly safe.
Veritas Research Center E-2 Ukraine Medical center
Villard C-11 France Therapeutic equipments 
VN Strategies A-6 The Netherlands VN Strategies is a consulting company specializing in facilitating cooperation between the companies of Ukraine and the Netherlands
VUP Medical  A-4 Czech Republic Research and development of knitted medical devices
Vytruve C-11 France Laboratory equipments 
WFBB  D-4 Germany Economic Development Agency Brandenburg 
Wiener Privatklinik Betriebs-GmbH & Co KG A-8 Austria Private medical center