Lviv Medical College of Postgraduate Education

The Communal Institution of the Lviv Regional Council, the Lviv Medical Professional College of Postgraduate Education, is one of the largest postgraduate education institutions in Ukraine (5,000 medical professionals annually). Here, nurses of various specialties, paramedics, midwives, and pharmacists from across Ukraine enhance their professional skills through specialization and thematic improvement cycles.For the first time in Ukraine, the college introduced specialization cycles for general practice family medicine nurses, palliative and hospice care nurses, school nurses, optometrists, and rehabilitation nurses. At the request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the college also launched specialization cycles for occupational therapy assistants and physical therapy assistants in response to the full-scale war.A new specialty, "Emergency Medical Technician," has been introduced at the college, providing retraining for ambulance drivers. Recently, a training cycle for dispatchers of the operational-dispatch service also commenced, aiming to improve call reception algorithms to enhance the provision of emergency medical assistance to the population.The college boasts a robust simulation training center and a training pharmacy, "Lege artis," where trainees and students practice and refine their skills using modern medical equipment, mannequins, and simulators.College instructors have undergone training in licensed WHO mhGAP and "Self-Help +" programs and are implementing a universal-progressive home visit model for nurses as part of the "Care from Birth at Home" project in collaboration with the UNICEF Representation in Ukraine.Since 2021, the annual Autumn Nursing Forum has been held in Lviv. In December 2023, the college was visited by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, who noted that the institution's team incorporates the best European practices for development while volunteering and enhancing the psychological resilience of medical workers. In March 2023, the college was also visited by the Minister of Health of Ukraine, Viktor Liashko, who affirmed that it is the best medical college in Ukraine. The college has established close contacts with representatives of nursing self-governance organizations and healthcare institutions in Poland, Germany, and Canada.



Training Center for Mental Health and Recovery of Medical Professionals

    Project has investment attractiveness

Analysis of the Current Psychological State:Working under wartime conditions, medical personnel face significant psychological pressure, professional burnout, stress, and traumatic events, which can lead to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Medical professionals are the first to help stabilize the psycho-emotional situation among the population.
Project Goal:The goal of the project is to provide psycho-social support for medical professionals, prevent burnout and stress, ensure continuous professional development, and train medical professionals in stress management and psychological support skills for patients in critical situations. This will enhance the quality of mental health care and strengthen the medical system in Ukraine.
Project Details:The college aims to establish a Training Center for Mental Health and Recovery of Medical Professionals. The center will be housed in a two-story building with a total area of 500 square meters. The project involves major renovations of the building and the creation of various facilities, including a panoramic lecture hall, open training areas, resilience spaces, and classrooms.



    Project has investment attractiveness

The "EcoSun" project involves installing solar panels on the roof of the medical college.
The main goal of the project is to ensure the energy sustainability and autonomy of the medical college, contributing to the relief of Ukraine's national energy system during the war.
The social significance of the project lies in the implementation of innovative technologies in the field of education, which will promote increased environmental awareness among students and the community.
The implementation of the "EcoSun" project will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, support global efforts in combating climate change, and improve the image of the college as an environmentally responsible institution.


Horizons of Sustainability

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The "Horizons of Sustainability" project involves creating a free educational space for innovative development and the formation of a sustainable culture of mental health. The project is aimed at students, teachers, medical professionals, and the public.The space itself is a 1200 m² rooftop area that will include zones for education and zones that support mental health. Educational activities will be conducted there in both formal and informal settings: discussions of scientific issues, debates, educational courses, and online conferences. A safe and friendly atmosphere will enhance the social significance of each individual. The space will also provide areas for leisure, where one can read a book, enjoy the greenhouse and vertical gardens, and immerse in the world of virtual medical installations. Importantly, the space will support and educate on the culture of mental health, as it plans to create meditative zones and areas for relaxation and rest.The project will develop ecological thinking and awareness, undoubtedly laying the foundation for the formation of a new Ukrainian generation.


Training and Rehabilitation Center "VIS VITALIS"

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Rehabilitation in Ukraine faces numerous challenges due to military actions and the evolving needs of the population. The involvement of new projects, continuous training of specialists, studying innovative methods, and a comprehensive approach can significantly improve the quality of rehabilitation services.The college plans to create an innovative model of a training and rehabilitation center within its premises, which will encompass two areas: physical and psychological rehabilitation.The goal of establishing the center is to develop the professional competence necessary for the practical activities of rehabilitation nurses/brothers, physical therapy assistants, and occupational therapy assistants, as well as to teach skills for working in a multidisciplinary team.In the future, the model of the training and rehabilitation center will contribute to providing qualified rehabilitation services, improving the quality of life, independence in daily activities, and social independence of children and adults with special needs in the community.


Simulation Training "From Training to Success"

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Simulation training is a crucial tool in modern medical education, as it is considered a safe and controlled environment.The goal of simulation training is to improve practical and communication skills, enhance analytical and decision-making abilities, and foster teamwork in a clinical setting.The implementation of the project requires innovative material and technical resources to simulate the professional activities of students and medical professionals.The value of simulation training is further enhanced through debriefing sessions. Using advanced technologies, training sessions can be analyzed to identify mistakes, highlight successes, and discuss emotions or feelings that affected the participants in the learning process. This leads to a qualitatively new level of education.


✓ Academic and scientific exchange;

✓ Improvement of medical (nursing) education through faculty development;

✓ Technological development and innovation;

✓ Social responsibility and global health;


The Lviv Medical Professional College of Postgraduate Education, owned by the Lviv Regional Council, has high investment attractiveness due to the steady demand for medical personnel (nurses, midwives, paramedics, and others), innovative projects, economic efficiency, and support from the government and international organizations. The college is the largest in Ukraine and meets both national and international education standards. During the war, we operate with maximum flexibility to meet the primary needs of Ukrainian society in the medical field.


Development Strategy for the Lviv Medical Professional College of Postgraduate Education (Owned by the Lviv Regional Council) 2024-2029."


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