Communal Non-Profit Enterprise"Vinnytsia Regional Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children"of Vinnytsia Regional Council

Vinnytsia Regional Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children

The medical center comprises several buildings and occupies a beautiful territory of 3.4 hectares situated in a tranquil, picturesque, environmentally clean microdistrict of Vinnytsia, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The institution provides medical rehabilitation services under the state-guaranteed medical program both inpatient and outpatient for children aged 3 and above with musculoskeletal system disorders, neurological pathologies, sensory and mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions, as well as for premature infants and/or those with illnesses during their first three years of life, and adults.
The quality of medical services is ensured by creating a multidisciplinary team of qualified rehabilitation specialists for each patient. These specialists are continuously trained in various modern techniques, exchange experience with experts from other institutions, participate in practical seminars, webinars, trainings, and more.
Overall, the center employs 100 staff members who put in all efforts to restore health and reintegrate healthy children into society.
In the past year of 2023, the institution provided 17,132 services, benefiting over 1,400 patients.


Establishing partnerships with international organizations for resource exchange, strengthening expertise, joint financing of rehabilitation projects, and developing innovative approaches in implementing programs/methods for recovery and rehabilitation

Secure support from the global community to enhance accessibility of rehabilitation services to every affected child, including internally displaced persons, and restore physical and mental health.

Participation in international scientific conferences, working meetings, or membership in international associations will allow us to enhance the qualifications of our multidisciplinary team of specialists and expand the spectrum of rehabilitation services offered by our Center


The Vinnytsia Regional Medical Rehabilitation Center for Children has built a robust material and technical base over the years of its operation, alongside a team of dedicated professionals who provide high-quality medical services of a therapeutic, diagnostic, and rehabilitation nature on a daily basis. We strive to ensure an individualized approach to each patient and aim for them to receive effective services in a safe and comfortable environment within our Center.
The Center has gained significant recognition within the medical community and holds great potential for further development. Firstly, this is attributed to the team of doctors and medical personnel who are prepared to sustain operations amidst the challenges of today. Secondly, it is due to the extensive, well-maintained territory within the regional center, constant equipment updates obtained through the synergy of business-government-community collaboration. The services offered by the institution are in high demand among patients.
In 2024, the financial stability of the institution amounts to 24 million UAH. This includes payment for services from the National Health Service of Ukraine at 23.1 million UAH, income from the provision of paid services at 0.9 million UAH, and cooperation with charitable organizations, investors, and patrons estimated at 1.5 million UAH. We operate on principles of openness and transparency, value partnership, and aspire to the development and enhancement of the capacity and potential of the medical Center.
Due to the war conditions, the number of young patients has increased, leading to queues for rehabilitation assistance, both physical and psychological. The lack of modern ergonomic premises, rehabilitation halls, and additional accommodations for round-the-clock patient stays during rehabilitation courses presents a significant obstacle to our ability to provide quality medical rehabilitation assistance.
Therefore, the primary solution to this problem is the construction of a pavilion ward unit with a roof and a modular-type rehabilitation building on the institution's premises. This will enable us to provide an additional 13,800 services per year, benefiting an additional 1,020 patients.


«Vinnytsia Regional Medical Center of Rehabilitation for Children

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