Photo exposition of the destruction medical infrastructure in Ukraine

  • 24 JUNE | 10:00-10:30 Official opening of the Photo exposition

The authors of the photo materials presented at the exhibition are Ukrainian journalists and photo correspondents who, while on the front lines with our military and doctors, took these photographs immediately after Russian attacks on medical infrastructure objects and ambulances transporting the wounded. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of such photo materials available to the public.
The selection of photo materials for today's exhibition was made by the efforts of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health of Ukraine with the aim of spreading information abroad about the horrific crimes committed by Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine.


According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as of August 2023, 1600 objects of medical infrastructure in 591 healthcare facilities have been damaged. Specifically, 540 hospitals were partially destroyed, and 186 were completely destroyed. Medical facilities that have been destroyed by more than 90% will not be restored by the government; these hospitals will be built "from scratch" according to new projects. Additionally, 753 pharmacies were damaged, 52 of which were completely destroyed. 103 Emergency Medical Service vehicles were damaged, 252 were destroyed, and 125 were seized by invaders.During the military aggression of the Russian Federation, 40 medical workers were killed, and 112 were injured.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, losses in the healthcare sector due to the war are already estimated at $2.5 billion USD. The needs of the healthcare system for restoration and development over the next decade, including the construction and reconstruction of damaged medical infrastructure, are estimated at $3.6 billion USD.Priority is given to rebuilding facilities that have received minor damage, as well as those where citizens require medical assistance. If it's a small community, the issue is addressed through the work of mobile emergency medical brigades and the establishment of modular health points in modular hospitals or clinics.We are very grateful to our foreign partners, especially the government and citizens of Poland, who have been providing comprehensive assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians from the first day of the full-scale invasion, particularly in the field of healthcare. A significant number of wounded soldiers are being treated in Poland (197 were admitted to Polish hospitals, 169 have returned to Ukraine, and 28 are still undergoing treatment), and temporarily displaced citizens receive free medical care (about 3,000 Ukrainians have received medical assistance, and almost 800 are currently undergoing treatment).