International financial organisations, donors and investors are invited:

Intergovernmental Organisations

    United Nations Agency or related organisation
    European Comission Directorate, Department, Agency or Office
    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Directorate, Committee, Working Group or Center
    Fund or Development Project of Intergovernmental Organisation

Partner States Bodies and Entities

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy
    Ministry or Department of Economic Development and International Cooperation
    State Agency for International Development
    State Agency for Trade and Investments


    International Financial Institution or Fund for Development
    State Financial Institutions or Fund for Development
    State program, fund for trade development or investment support in developing countries

International and State Associations of Towns and Regions

    International association of regions and local authorities
    State association of regions and local authorities
    Administration of municipality, region, sister city or brother town

Non-governmental sector

    NGO umbrella organization
    International NGO implementing development projects
    International Charity or Humanitarian Organisation
    International Initiative to support Ukraine
    Ukrainian Diaspora Organisation
    Think tank


    International or State Investment or Business Association
    International, National or Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Bilateral Association or Chamber of Commerce which includes Ukraine
    International or Local Fund that makes direct investments in enterprises of developing economies
    Impact Fund
    Corporate Foundation of International or Ukrainian company in non-building sector