ReBuild Ukraine: Health & Rehabilitation

ReBuild Ukraine: Health & Rehabilitation

Due to military aggression, the scale of damage to the medical infrastructure is increasing daily, along with a rising number of injuries among both military personnel and civilians. 1474 medical facilities were damaged, with 194 completely destroyed, and over 50 thousand adults and children have lost their limbs.

One of the key priorities for restoring the healthcare system is the creation of an effective rehabilitation network, additional departments, rehabilitation centers, and the retrofitting of existing facilities, including the training of professionals. All of this requires additional funding and the support of the government and partner countries interested in Ukraine's victory.

As an exhibition operator with a sucessful experience of holding two ReBuild Ukraine exhibitions: ReBuild Ukraine and ReBuild Ukraine powered by Energy, we cannot stand on the sidelines. The ReBuild Ukraine: Health & Rehabilitation exhibition must be happen!

A few details about the exhibition:3rd International Exhibition & Conference ReBuild Ukraine: Health & Rehabilitation - is offline platform for recovery projects, technologies, equipment and investments required to restore human capital and medical infrastructure of Ukraine

Mission of the event:

To emphasize the severe humanitarian and social consequences of Russian military aggression in Ukraine

To bring back war injured people to active life