ITMED: Your Trusted Information Partner in Healthcare

ITMED: Your Trusted Information Partner in Healthcare

ITMED is a powerful SaaS platform in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals sector, acting as a reliable information partner for the International Exhibition and Conference "Health and Rehabilitation".

Our achievements:

  1. TOP-3 healthcare media platform with 2 million views per year
  2. Winner of the National Competition "Ukraine Smart Awards" in the "Smart Med" nomination (best IT products for medicine) in 2020 and 2021.

ITMED offers a comprehensive suite of solutions:

  1. Website creation for medical institutions, doctors, and medical suppliers.
  2. Advertising platform with 10,000 published articles.
  3. Marketplace for medical equipment, supplies, and furniture with 3,000 products.

Our mission: to provide medical institutions with everything they need in a single web space.

ITMED is an innovative solution scalable to European countries. We address the following challenges:

  1. Legislative requirements for healthcare institutions to have websites. Many hospitals lack IT staff. ITMED's medical website builder significantly reduces the cost of developing and maintaining official websites for medical institutions. Healthcare facilities get a site with easy management, similar to Facebook.
  2. Corruption in the procurement of expensive medical equipment. ITMED offers a transparent web marketplace for medical supplies.
  3. Accelerating the recovery of Ukrainian healthcare facilities and reducing costs. In cooperation with international charitable organizations, ITMED is already supplying medical equipment and developing the information space in liberated regions.

ITMED is more than just a platform. We are a reliable partner committed to improving healthcare and ensuring the well-being of patients and medical professionals.

Join us and contribute to a healthier future!